Chambal Fertilizer and Chemical Ltd
Chambal Fertilizer and Chemical Ltd

Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Limited (Chambal) is India’s largest producer of Urea in the private sector.

Chambal has three divisions - agri-inputs, shipping and textiles. It has two subsidiaries one in the software business and the other in the infrastructure sector. Its two joint ventures are in the fields of financial services and manufacture of phosphoric acid more….


DSCL has a strong brand equity reflective of credibility, ethical values and consistent high quality product image. With over 30 years of experience in managing large scale process industries with sustained high level of performance, DSCL meets the needs of a wide range of customers from farmers to industrial users, from house builders to business owners. Fostering enduring relationships is at the core of DSCL's business philosophy - with vendors, business partners, and customers and within the organization between employees.

As a leading equal opportunity employer in India, DSCL has a motivated and dynamic management team of highly qualified professionals and dedicated workmen and staff whose work has shown the way towards creating "Team Excellence".

Instrumentation Limited

Instrumentation Limited (better known as IL) is a Government Of India Enterprise set up in 1964 with the prime objective of attaining self reliance in the field of Control and Automation for process industry. Today IL is manufacturing and supplying state of the art control equipment on turnkey basis to various sector of Industry viz. Power, Steel, Fertilizer, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Paper, Textile, Space, and Oil & Gas. We have our registered and corporate office at Kota in state of Rajasthan. Manufacturing facilities are based at Kota and Palakkad in Kerala State. Flow elements, control valve and actuators are manufactured at Palakkad plant other items are manufactured at Kota plant.

Our manufacturing facilities are accredited with ISO 9000 certification. The marketing network is widely spread all over India having Branch offices in major cities of Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Vadodara and Regional offices at Lucknow, Bokaro, Secunderabad for organizing installation and commissioning and related services. Site offices at many project sites are functioning under these regional offices. With over thirty years of experience and a competent and dedicated workforce, IL has mastered all complexities of control system requirement and can lead you through your project, from system design, detailed engineering, manufacturing, testing, system integration, installation, final commissioning to after sales service and customer training. IL has further diversified in the fields of Power electronics; Telecommunications, Railway Signaling systems, Defence electronics and Computer based application s to have comprehensive range of product and services.

Rawatbhata Atomic Power Plant (RAPP)
Rawatbhata Atomic Power Plant (RAPP)

Rajasthan Atomic Power Station, India's largest power plant, is situated at Rawatbhata in Chittorgarh District of Rajasthan. The station started power generation in 1973 and this pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR) generates about 740 MWe of power annually.

The plant is designed and operated as per international standards. Rajasthan Atomic Power Station uses natural uranium oxide as fuel, heavy water as moderator and FAs as coolant.The power station is about 64 km from Kota town.

Kota Thermal Power Station
Kota Thermal Power Station

Kota Super Thermal Power Station has reached such dizzying heights of success that its sixth unit was set up on 30th July, 2003. In this unit, maximum capacity on coal firing was attained in less than 10 hours and the phenomenal completion of the project in less than two years is a groundbreaking achievement for the nation. Besides the philanthropic organization also has a social conscience.

The organization plants nearly 3.5 lakhs saplings every year, digs up dykes and water bodies and monitors the effusion of effluent materials and ambient air quality in order to check the pollution level.

National Thermal Power Corporation

NTPC Limited (Formerly National Thermal Power Corporation) is the largest power generation company in India. It is an Indian public sector company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. NTPC's core business is engineering, construction and operation of power generating plants and providing consultancy to power utilities in India and abroad.

Kota Stone

Kota Stone is a fine-grained variety of limestone, quarried at Kota district,Rajasthan, India.Mainly hundreds of mines are located in near by town Ramganj Mandi. The rich greenish-blue and brown colours of this stone are most popular. It is an excellent building stone. It is mainly used for Exteriors, Pathways, Corridors, Driveways, Balconies, Commercial buildings etc. It is also suitable for use in chemical industries as flooring, wall fixing & lining due to its acid and alkali resistant properties.

Kota Doria Saree

Kota doria are one of many types of sarees. Kota doria sarees are made at Kota, Rajasthan city and its nearby area.Saree is made of pure cotton fabric. Originally, such sarees were called Masuria because they were woven in Mysore. The weavers were subsequently brought to Kota by Rao Kishore Singh who was a general in the Mughal army. The weavers were brought to Kota in the late 17th and early 18th century and the saris came to be known as 'Kota-Masuria'. Kota sarees are popularly known as 'Masuria' in Kota and Kotadoria outside the state. 'Doria' means thread.

Bansal Classes Pvt. Ltd

Bansal Classes Private Limited, Kota has curved a niche for itself in the engineering training scenario of the state. The Bansal Classes Private Limited, Kota was founded by V.K. Bansal - a mechanical engineer himself. The Bansal Classes Private Limited of Kota has achieved phenomenal success and has nurtured numerous future engineers.

Career Point

Great institutions are inevitably forged by purpose and place. Founded in 1993, Career Point & Kota have grown up together, sharing in a vision that created one of the greatest educational places in the history of engineering & medicine preparation.

Allen Career Institute

Necessity is the mother of invention - it is true but sometimes necessity becomes mother of miracles - such a miracle has taken shape of Allen Career Institute, a Pioneer & the most trusted institute in Pre-Medical. Allen is named in the memory of Late Shri Laxmi Narayan Maheshwari.


A Resonance where the students learn to practice and to be subject experts for IIT JEE Preparation. They learn to master and to take a broad.

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